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How to Remove "Made with Squarespace" From Your Site

Every Squarespace website says "Made with Squarespace" at the bottom when you first create it. We will walk you through the steps to remove it from your site.

By Tristan Tsvetanov · Tue Oct 04 2022

1. Login to your Squarespace Account and Select the Website

Make sure you're logged into your account. If you aren't you can login to Squarespace here. Navigate to the website you want to remove the "Made with Squarespace" link from.

2. Start Editing Your Site

Click on the Edit button in the top-left corner of your website preview. Then scroll down to the footer and click the Edit Footer button.

select edit footer

3. Remove "Made with Squarespace"

Hover over the text box that contains the "Made with Squarespace" link. Highlight the text you want to remove, then delete it.

edit footer text

4. Save Your Squarespace Site

Once you've completed your desired edits, you need to save your Squarespace site. First click anywhere outside of the active text box you are editing. Then, navigate to the top-left corner and hover over the Done button. A dropdown will appear and you can click Save.

save squarespace site

The link is now removed and no one will know you built your website on Squarespace.

If you're trying to do more advanced things with Squarespace such as integrating with Google Sheets, checkout our other guides on SuperJack.

Tristan Tsvetanov