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Integrate Squarespace with Google Sheets

If you're a Squarespace user, you've probably had this nagging question: "Why can't I integrate Google Sheets?" The answer is simple: you can!

By Tristan Tsvetanov · Mon Oct 03 2022

If you have access to Google Sheets, then all it takes is a few simple steps to integrate your Squarespace site to your Google Sheets. The integration will allow you to use your data outside of Squarespace.

Why would you want to integrate Squarespace and Google Sheets?

Integrating Squarespace and Google Sheets is a fantastic way to automate your work. If you're like me, you may have started using Squarespace as a tool for creating beautiful websites but have found that it doesn't come close to the power of Shopify. Fortunately, there is an easy solution: integrate Squarespace with Google Sheets!

Integrating Squarespace with Google Sheets allows you to take advantage of the powerful features built into this popular spreadsheet application. For example:

  • You can setup subscription lists for emails
  • Process your data for customer orders using custom forms
  • Create and automate workflows using tools like Zapier

Integrating Google Sheets to Squarespace

When you're ready to integrate Google Sheets with Squarespace, sign up for SuperJack and use our tool to integrate Squarespace with Google Sheets.

  • Link your Squarespace as the source account and your Google Sheets as the destination account.
  • You'll be asked what spreadsheet you want your data in, select a Spreadsheet and then a Sheet.
  • Then test out your integration! You should see your data sync live before your eyes.

How does the integration work?

Once you've set up your integration on SuperJack, Squarespace will automatically sync with Google Sheets every hour. This means that when a customer checks out on Squarespace, it will update automatically in Google Sheets. SuperJack automatically takes care of syncing the data, so you don't need to manually export data anymore.

Integrating Squarespace with Google Sheets, saves time and effort.

The possibilities are endless here; there are many integrations already built for automating tasks like sending emails based on certain criteria—and this works great with other tools like Mailchimp which makes email marketing easy. You can also connect your Google Sheets to Zapier which unlocks huge possibilities for integrating with thousands of other apps.


As you can see, integrating Squarespace to Google Sheets can be a very useful tool. If you are looking for something that will help streamline your workflow and make it easier for you to stay organized, then this is an option worth exploring. We hope this post was helpful in answering any questions about how this integrations works or why you would want it!

Tristan Tsvetanov